about us

  GREAT HOPES MAKE GREAT @MAN”   We established in 2014. It is a marketing Office that mainly deals with government and private sectors. We aim to supply and provide quality products and services be it in the field of medical, dental and laboratory. The company has gained exclusive distributorship and dealership with various international companies.

In this day and age of modern medicine, we have come across  Integrated healthcare delivery system that gives way in facilitating a coordinated care. Where methodology and innovations in technology arise, we have witnessed the revolution in healthcare from organ transplant to dental implants and stem cell transplant and therapy. This creates a need to provide a quality product, and making it available to the health practitioners and patients seeking better service. Thus, creating a door of opportunity to have a trusted medical supplier that takes responsibility in building a better future by bringing the best products and services, making it readily available to the people.

IBN SINA MEDICAL GROUP, LLC is the new generation of medical supply company that aims to provide the best quality and value in products and services, in order to help the health practitioners deliver quality health care to the people of Oman.

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